Australia to Overseas

For international pet transport we have the solution for you.

We offer professional pet transportation services with over 20 years’ experience. We handle your pets with care and ensure they are kept in hygienic and safe traveling conditions. We look after all the shipping details from departure to arrival at your new destination.

As we are based on the Gold Coast, we ship internationally out of Brisbane and Coolangatta airports only. Our service area extends from Northern NSW to the Sunshine Coast.

We Arrange:

  • Export permits
  • All required veterinary treatments
  • Airline bookings for the shortest, most direct route for your pet
  • Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) documentation
  • Supply of IATA standard, made-to-measure crates with drink container and funnel
  • Pet care advice based on over thirty five years of experience
  • Air-conditioned transport to and from house/vet to airport
  • For your pet to fly on the same aircraft as you
    • It is best to check with us before arranging your own flight because i) some airlines do not carry pets and ii) most airlines require a minimum time between connecting flights for livestock.
  • We can also board your pet at our kennels prior to shipping while you ready your home at your new destination.

International Requirements

Current vaccination is an essential minimum requirement. A.Q.I.S. (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services) has a website with more detailed information on exporting live animals.

We incorporate these costs when you obtain a quote from us.

Measuring Your Pet


Tips & Facts

Tips and Facts:

Tip 1.

It is a good idea to “acclimatise” your pet to the crate it will be travelling in. Let it spend varying lengths of time in the crate several days before travel. Some pets are stressed by being placed in a strange environment. An acclimatised pet will stress less.

Tip 2.

You may wish to put an article of clothing that you have worn in the crate during transportation to help calm your pet. An old t-shirt that you have slept in for one or more nights will work well.

Tip 3.

Sedation of your pet is not generally recommended for air travel. Please seek your vets advice.

Tip 4.

No food, leads, sheep skins or choker chains in the crate. Collars are ok.

Tip 5.

It takes time to plan your pet’s relocation. Ideally give us two weeks’ notice to arrange flights, AQIS and vet appointments.