The friendly, helpful staff at Shepherd Hill Kennels pamper your favourite family friends in more ways than one. All of our special guests are provided with bedding, meals, and all the love, care and attention that you expect and your pet deserves.


  • Exercise yard over ¼ acres in size (we rotate our guests through individually or in family groups during the day)
  • Kennels are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected twice daily
  • Large individual tiled runs, which are sheltered from the elements
  • Separate enclosed sleeping area with door leading to tiled run
  • Comfortable warm bedding
  • 24-hour piped music
  • Complimentary shampoo and hydro bath on departure
  • Medications and special diets catered for at no extra cost



Shepherd Hill Kennels offer extremely competitive rates with no hidden extras:

  • Dogs – $25 per day
  • 2 Dogs – $40 (from same family in same kennel)

Christmas Rates (Dec 15th – Jan 31):

  • Dogs – $28 per day
  • 2 Dogs – $46 (from same family in same kennel)


*PM pick-ups are charged for the day of pick up

*As a guide breeds larger than staffies are too large to share kennels

*Giant Breeds over 35kg (Great Danes, Mastiffs, Rottweilers etc.) incur a $5 additional charge

*Christmas period non-refundable deposit of $150 /pet required

*Minimum ten day charge applies to all bookings which include Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day

*Payment appreciated at time of check-in. Sorry no cheques.

*10% discount off total bill for stays over 28 days

FAQs & Common Concerns

Leaving your pet in kennels for the first time

It is common to worry about strangers looking after your pet and how they may treat him/her.

With a maximum of three people caring for your pet, we will treat them as one of our own – spoilt with love, cuddles and lots of play time.

We believe you should get to know your pet sitter. You are welcome to meet us and inspect our kennels any time during business hours Monday to Saturday.

How will my dog settle in after I have just left them for the first time?

Most dogs will settle down quickly despite the fact that they may be the biggest softies at home. They never feel isolated as they can see the other dogs in the kennels beside them and they know that someone is never too far away.

I couldn’t imagine my dog being locked up when I have to go away. Won’t they become restless?

Our kennels are extremely spacious with an allocated sleeping area that can be separated by a door when it’s time for all doggies to go to bed.

We also have toys for the dogs to play with in their kennels when they are not in our exercise yard stretching their legs. Your dogs are lead out to the exercise yard daily where they get plenty of human contact.

I am worried that you let all the dogs run, eat, sleep and play together as I only have a little dog that may get hurt by the bigger ones.

Every dog has their own run and sleeping area. When it comes to exercise time we rotate the dogs through on an individual basis. If there are two or more dogs in a family pack we let them run, eat, sleep and play together just like they would at home.

Please do not hesitate to phone or email us if you have any other questions.

Entry Requirements

  • Proof of current vaccination MUST be presented on arrival or no admission. C5 for dogs and F3 for cats.
  • Puppies and kittens must be a minimum of five months old with a minimum 4-week inoculation period after their final booster vaccinations.
  • We live in a rural area where paralysis ticks do occur. We strongly recommend tick protection all year round.